Martex Enterprise Sdn Bhd provides services primarily to the building construction and maintenance industry. The Company aims to share with the industry various aspects of commercial and industrial flooring systems especially in the healthcare, education, telecommunication and electronic sectors; wall protection systems and concrete repair systems. We undertake contracts for these services coupled with the marketing of a wide range of building and construction materials. We are also associated with other companies involved with building construction.

The staff of Martex Enterprise Sdn Bhd are experienced and dedicated to their jobs in order to provide effective customer service for the industry. The Company is backed not only by its dedicated and trained staff but also by its suppliers (locally and abroad) and bankers. Our organization has extensive rapport in both government and private sectors especially in the building, maintenance and construction industry.

Our suppliers are renowned and established companies both locally and internationally. There is constant exchange of technical knowledge and training from our suppliers’ technical personnel in order to improve and update on both products and systems. This is necessary to keep up with the improving and changing construction methods and management in the construction industry.

With the many and varied experience of the Company’s personnel, we believe we can bring optimum services to our customers.